Why Pavers are Better Than Stamped Concrete

There are times when we need to decide if we are going to get pavers for our patio and driveway or we should go have the stamped concrete. Here we are going to talk about the two, their durability and how different they are when it comes to key factors such as earthquake resistance.

We have encountered a lot f questions regarding which is the better material: is it pavers or should we have the concrete?

As contractors who have been involved in so many projects, we must say that the pavers are actually the better choice between the two. It is arguably more durable and it can also give your property additional points in terms of aesthetic value.

If you are going to ask when was the first time pavers were used, the answer goes hundreds of years back the European and Spanish villages were they were used to create the most exquisite pathways. Up until now, we are using them all over the world.

Why are pavers better?

They fare better in earthquakes

We all know that California could experience some earthquakes that can have devastating results and this is the main reason why you need to make use of a material that will prove to be resistant to earthquake. Those that are made of solid materials like concrete could not stand a chance against this calamity and they will surely get destroyed.

Put in mind that when an earthquake happens and strikes and area where the structures are generally made of concrete, they will really crack.

If we are just going to talk about their level of resistance to earthquake, pavers are surely the winner. They are made to shift with the movement of the earth.

An earthquake won’t easily crack it because it will simply adjust. This also means that you don’t have to have a great deal of maintenance just to make sure that it stays in its best conditions.

Wide array of choices

It is true that when it comes to the design, stamped concrete can easily imitate what you can have with paving stones. But why will you have the imitation if you can have the original?

By choosing pavers, you are allowing yourself a wider array of choices when it comes to the colors and designs that you can choose. There will be no problem in customizing the whole thing because your imagination is practically the limit.

It is highly durable

One of the things that you have to know about using stamped concrete is that the color will eventually fade, and a lot sooner than pavers would. It is especially true in areas where the sunshine can easily bleach away whatever color you have in them.

Take note that the color in stamped concrete are simply applied on top, which makes it more vulnerable to discoloration. Pavers have their color all over them that you don’t have to worry about such things.


There have been a lot of questions pertaining to how different pavers and concrete are when it comes to their installation process. The process of installing pavers is actually faster than concrete because all you have to do is have the stones in their proper place.

If you are going to install concrete pathways, you will be required to wait for the concrete to cry completely before you can use it.

If there is a deadline set for you, you should really choose pavers. There are a lot of reviews on paver contractors and you can learn more there about how long the job can be completed.

Replacement and repair

If we are going to touch on the way to deal with damages in these materials, it is clear that we can do it more easily with pavers.

If you find chips and cracks in the paving stones, all you need to do is replace the affected parts.

But if the same thing happens to the patio that is made of concrete, you might have to replace the whole thing.

If you are planning to renovate some of the outdoor spaces of your home, pavers are the most recommended materials.