Four ways to consider saving a dying tree

1.    Trees Dying? Get Help Quick!

A dying weak tree is more sensitive than a baby who needs care 24/7. We usually have no idea what to do at times when a tree is falling sick or is visibly getting weaker by the day. The first and foremost thing one must do is to get a professionals help. Arborists are people who have technical knowledge in the area and know exactly what to do and how to do it. Alternatively you can request the advice of your local tree professionals.  Sometimes the root cause is inadequate supply of water and other times it’s only because you decided to skip the pruning or fertilizing part. Either way it has consequences and a fallen tree is going to cause you more trouble than you can imagine.


2.    Pruning and mulching

Determining the root cause and then fixing it is the real deal. Pruning, as most of you have heard is essential to a tree’s health. If not done properly or in time can have grave effects on the tree itself. To save an already dying tree experts believe that a proper prune might work. The right area and the perfect technique is one way to help a tree grow stronger.

3.    Under watering

Tree’s health is directly linked to the water supply. The more moisturized the better, if the weather is dry and the tree is young then without adequate supply of water the tree’s health is going to deteriorate fast. So, if the tree is dying you better check the watering system and keep the tree hydrated at all times. It might just work for you if you’re careful and observant.

4.    Proper Fertilization

Another way to help a tree is to make sure your tree is not sprayed or sprinkled with some wrong fertilizers. The tree might need good fertilizers to grow but sometimes the root cause is the wrong dosage or the wrong type of fertilizers. You must check with an arborist before jumping to conclusions. To help a dying tree you might want to consider fertilizing as it would help with the growth.