Driveway Concrete: Getting the Best Concrete

If you are planning on installing a driveway, then you will obviously want to make sure that it will look great, so here is some steps to ensure that will happen. One of the biggest factors that will make sure that your concrete will look great is the workmanship that went into it as well as the quality of materials used.

Knowing the best mix of concrete is the way to go, if you want your driveway to look great. It is a good idea to use an air-entrained high performance concrete mix, if you want your drive way to look great and also last forever as well.

It will cost you a bit more to have a high performance concrete mix, but it will be well worth your money because it will last forever and you will not have to pay for repairing cracks as well. Also, another thing you will want to think about when installing a driveway is the deicing chemicals, the climate you are in, the freeze and thaw conditions, and the amount of traffic it will see. Having a low-permeability and durable mix is the way to go in order to meet these kinds of conditions.

What You Should Look For

According to AAA Concreting, the first thing you should have with your concrete is to ensure it has a compressive strength of around four thousand PSI.
It needs 6% of air content as well. If you live in an colder climate, then you will want to put a lot of thought into air entrainment, which is basically where air is trapped in the mixture of concrete, it is not good to have a lot as this will allow moisture into the concrete which will eventually cause cracks.

If you want strong and durable concrete for the driveway, then keep your water and cement ratio under 0.50.

Putting in Extra Water into the Mix
It is important not to add extra water, because this will dilute the concrete and make it weaker and more likely to crumble.

Using the Correct Slump
When you are paving a driveway, make sure that the slump is around four inches. Do not have a slump greater than four inches, as this can cause issues and make the concrete weak.

Having the Correct Sub Grade
You will want to make that the soil is of a good composition and that it has been compacted properly, because a sub grade is important for having a strong concrete driveway, as this will provide it support. You will want to remove the soft material such as crushed rock and gravel, before you begin paving. A lot of states will have very expansive soils. Depending on the expansiveness of the soil, you may want to add anywhere from two to eight inches of crushed rock that can be used as a sub grade. If you do not know what kind of soil you have, then just go and talk to a professional soil engineer to help you out.